I have no apparent existence as I (Subject). As I (which is Self) I cannot appear other than as manifestation. Only objects exist and then only as appearances; my appearance is you (Object). And why cannot I appear as I? Because I cannot conceive what is conceiving, which is what I am. When conceiving conceives, what is conceived appears as other-than-conceiving. So every object that is conceived appears as other-than-I; in fact, the whole conceptual universe appears as other-than-I. But it is still I, for what else could there be for it to be? All appearance is my appearance or self appearing as other; appearances as objects – you, me, it, him, her, us, them, that, those, are I appearing as other-than-I or self conceived as other. But, as appearances, they are all concepts in mind. Whose mind? Just Mind – there is nothing else. This is what all these ‘things’ are in so far as they may be expressed in the relative language of divided mind, split into subject and object.

When I am present as ‘you’ or ‘me’ I seem to last, to be extended in time, and others think they see me as ‘you’. They see ‘my’ surfaces as ‘you’, so I appear as ‘form’, extended in ‘space’, seen also in bits (hands, legs, feet and reflections of a whole in a mirror) by this conceptual being that I think is ‘me’, all of which comprises my total conceptual existence. I can only be seen or known as ‘you’, even to ‘myself’, mistakenly believed to be ‘me’. I can only be seen or known as ‘you’ but there are no ‘others’ at all – only ‘you’ as I, for except as appearance I am not in any sense ‘you’ could understand since ‘you’ can only understand what ‘you’ can objectify in ‘your’ split-minded condition and you cannot objectify what I am because I am all that ‘you’ are.

Provided ‘you’ don’t interfere, you will find that you are I. Then whatever you may do, or not do, it is I who will do it, or not do it, for there is no ‘you’ except as an idea in mind. In the end, I need no cognising. We have only to give up the illusory concept of being ‘you’ (i.e. an object) – the useless practice of trying to conceive oneself – since, as I, ‘we’ cannot. What ‘we’ seek is all the time what is doing the seeking and therefore can never be found. All the great Masters have told us this, each in their own way, but we have failed or perhaps chosen not to understand what they were saying.

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