Where to begin? There are hundreds – maybe thousands – of web sites on Advaita. However, there are not so many on what is nowadays called Direct Advaita, departing from traditional Advaita in being quite uncompromising in setting out the implications of the insights of non-duality. If there are no 'things' and no 'persons', there is nothing to attain and no-one to attain anything. Web sites that express this clearly and that have impressed me follow in the list below (in no significant order).
All derive from the 'teachings' of the 20th century sages Ramana Maharshi and Nisagadatta Maharaj which can be searched through your search engine.Within each of these links are links to further web sites that will keep you occupied for hours, even days!

Tony Parsons

Nathan Gill

Richard Sylvester

Jerry Katz

Wei Wu Wei

Ramesh Balsekar

Karl Renz


Randall Friend

Mike Graham

Jeff Foster

Charlie Hayes


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