Let’s consolidate some of what I have been saying. Other than Consciousness or Mind, there cannot be anything. What else could there be since nothing is cognisable otherwise than by Mind? Mind alone cognises and all cognition takes place in Mind, yet Mind ‘itself’ is uncognisable since there is nothing to cognise but Mind and Mind cannot cognise the cognising, which is all that it is. Mind itself is no ‘thing’, for a ‘thing’ is only that which is cognisable and Mind can never cognise its cognising. Phenomena are Mind. All that is perceived through our senses is Mind. And, at the same time, we are the Mind that is doing the perceiving and cognising.

The source of appearance is not apparent because there is no ‘thing’ to conceive its source in order to make it apparent. All sentient beings are the source of the apparent universe by means of their experiencing their world as what they are. The sentient being’s objectivity is only an appearance in mind and his subjectivity is the source of all possible experience. The fundamental nature of all phenomena is simply the perceiving of phenomena. Phenomena, including what we think we are, can have only apparent existence in space and time as concepts in Mind.

Let’s try to set this out in simpler terms by using a quote from Wei Wu Wei – he always manages to put points in the clearest possible way:

“Every perceptible 'thing' is a product of Mind.
What we are as 'things' is that,
And what we are otherwise than as 'things' is that also.
Every manifestation, then, is a product of Mind.
Whatever we may be as manifestation is a product of Mind.
Whatever we may be otherwise than as what is manifested
Is Mind itself.
Since Mind is only manifest in manifestation,
Itself is non-manifestation.
So that is what we are otherwise than as manifested.
Thus we, as sentient beings, are Mind itself manifesting,
And, objectively, Mind manifesting as 'things'.
Noumenon, as the word states, is Mind.
Phenomenon, as the word states, is appearance.
Unmanifested, we are noumenon,
Manifested, we are appearance.
They are not separate,
Their difference is in appearance, which one has and the other not.
Why is that?
Because, in manifesting, Mind divides into observer and observed.
That which is observed is appearance,
Its observer is the counterpart of appearance,
Dual aspects of manifesting Mind.
Knowing that the observed has no existence apart from the observer,
Knowing that the observer has no existence apart from the observed,
Divided Mind is reunited.
Then there is no other, so there can be no self.
Then there is no self, so there can be no other.
Without extension in space, without duration in time,
In Mind that is whole,
There is no being to suffer, to experience pain or pleasure,
To hate or to love.
Gone with its ego,
Mind as a concept, utterly absent,
Pure noumenality, none to conceive it,
Untrammelled and radiant, is all that we are.”

From all these few pages, there is only one thing to be understood and from which all else follows:

I have never existed,
I do not now exist
And I never will exist,
For I can have no being other than as a concept in Mind.

And if you want it in four words, how about Huang Po’s “The perceived cannot perceive”? That says it all.

Oh, and for those who like diagrams, how about:


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