I can know that I am 'it' but what 'it' is I can never know.

We are living 'it' but what it is we are living we can never know.

We live what we are all the time and we can know that we are living it but we cannot know what that is.

We are aware because we are Awareness but what Awareness is we can never know.

Awareness is what we are and we can be aware of that fact but we cannot be aware of the Awareness.

Anything we are aware of must be an object or a concept (which is also an object), so it can never be Awareness itself which is subject.

We can know what we are aware of and we can know that we are aware of it because that is objective but we can never know Awareness itself which is subjective.

Any awareness of awareness that we believe we have must be awareness of the pseudo-self being aware which is a concept of what we think we are and not what we really are which is Awareness itself. The self that I am aware of cannot be my true self. My true self is what is being aware of the self that I think I am. My true self I can never be aware of.


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